Devil's staircase route to chaos in a forced relaxation oscillator
Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Tome 44 (1994) no. 1, pp. 109-128.

On démontre grâce à l’usage de la dynamique symbolique en dimension un que la transition vers le chaos dans un oscillateur non-linéaire de relaxation avec terme de contrainte périodique se produit à travers un “Devil Staircase” dans le diagramme de bifurcation.

We use one-dimensional techniques to characterize the Devil’s staircase route to chaos in a relaxation oscillator of the van der Pol type with periodic forcing term. In particular, by using symbolic dynamics, we give the behaviour for certain range of parameter values of a Cantor set of solutions having a certain rotation set associated to a rational number. Finally, we explain the phenomena observed experimentally in the system by Kennedy, Krieg and Chua (in [10]) related with the appearance of secondary staircases intercalated into the primary staircases which were found by van der Pol and van der Mark (in [17]).

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